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What to do if your pipes freeze or burst

Posted by Administrator : Friday 11th January 2013

If the water inside your pipes freezes it can expand, stretching the pipe to breaking point which causes a burst.

Please note that any pipes in your home or property boundary are the responsibility of the homeowner. Please do not call us and we can help you in no time! Whether you are you need a plumber in London or a plumber in Mancester, We can Help!

If the water inside your pipes freezes it can expand, stretching the pipe to breaking point which causes a burst.

What to do is you have a frozen pipe

  1. Switch off your water supply by finding your stop tap and turning it off. Find out how to locate and use your stop tap.
  2. Make sure any nearby cold taps are turned on, to allow the water to escape when it thaws.
  3. Check all visible pipes for any evidence of damage. If you can identify which pipe is frozen you can gently warm it up.
  4. Protect or remove anything which might be damaged if the pipe bursts when the water thaws.
  5. If you notice a leak once pressure in the pipe has built up again, turn off the stop tap and call a plumber.

How to thaw out a frozen pipe

  • Make sure you turn your water off at the inside stop valve, and any nearby cold taps are turned on.
  • Use a hairdryer at its lowest setting or a hot water bottle wrapped in a tea towel to gently warm the pipes.
  • Warm along the length of the pipe starting at the end nearest to the tap.
  • Be very careful not to warm them too quickly as they may burst. Please note this process could take several hours.
  • Once your pipes have thawed, double check to make sure there are no leaks before turning the stop tap back on. Allow the water to run until it seems as though normal flow is restored.
  • Only turn on heating appliances if you're sure the system is working normally and there are no leaks.
  • Lag your pipes to prevent your pipes freezing again.


What to do if your pipe bursts

  • If you have a burst pipe in your home:
  • Turn off your water at your inside stop valve and also your central heating.
  • Then contact us, we are experts in burst pipe repair, we are based all across the country including, London, Preston, Manchester, Birmingham and Leeds.

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