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Fire Protection Systems

Fire Sprinkler Systems UKWe specialising in fire sprinkler, deluge, water spray and foam systems for hi-rise and lo-rise accommodation across the UK.

Our systems are designed of private housing, private accommodation, social housing, flats, hi-rise accommodation, low-rise accommodation, residential accommodation and more.

Smoke alarms can give good warning of fires but are only effective if there is anyone there to hear them or if anyone is able to do anything about it. What happens if you are deaf or bedridden or – simply cannot get out? Cartian building types of building are a cause for concern not having Sprinkler Systems such as hi-rise flat blocks, apparment blocks and residential homes.

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How can we improve things? As the name suggest we are experts in all aspects of fire related services from Prevention and Protection to Damage Repair! Our Fire Protection Systems and Sprinkler Systems provide vital time, to allow the Fire Brigade to arrive. The fact is with the traffic congestion in built up areas the response times are slowly getting worse, meaning Fire Protection and Sprinkler systems are becoming much more vital.

Fire Protection and Sprinkler Systems could potetnially save lives! We turn passive fire protection to active fire protection with residential sprinkler systems. We provide our services across the UK including Manchester, Liverpool, Lancashire, Yorkshire, Leeds, Sheffield, Birmingham, Norwich, Bristol, London and more.

We provide a range of services from an initial consultation and report to installtions and ongoing maintenance.

If you are looking for a commercial Fire Provention system or Sprinkler System, contact us today!

Water and Flood Damage Repairs

Fire Damage Repairs and Restoration

Storm Damage Repairs and Restoration services

Expert Water and Flood Damage Professionals We know how inconvenient that any type of flood or water damage can be. It is important that the damage caused by such events is kept to a minimum. But it is more important that any damage caused by water or floods is correctly restored and repaired.

Experts at Repairing Fire Damage Fire damage can be very dangerous not during but also after. Fires can weaken various elements of a structure whether it is a Farm House, a Home or a commercial factory. We have years of experience in fire damage repairs across the UK, every job gets project managed, completed on time and done properly.

Storm Damage Restoration Experts Storms are unpredictable, and no one can plan for storm damages. That makes it more important that you know where to turn when a storm hits your property, whether is residential or commercial. We are experts in this area, all our teams have experienced these types of damages and have completed numerous repairs to storm damaged property.

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